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Hosted Exchange Move Your Email to a Hosted Exchange with Oman Data Park to Lower Your Costs and Increase Security.

Hosted Exchange by Oman Data Park Brings Real Savings, Peak Performance, and Higher Security

Lower your TCO by using our Hosted exchange service. Your email will be safely stored on our servers. Every device and mailbox can sync to the exchange, so your communications are continually updated.

Our Network Operations Center monitors the traffic and performance of every aspect of our Tier 3 Data Center. This ensures peak performance all day, every day. Our 99.99& uptime guarantee means your email and communications will always be available.

Use our hosted exchange to increase your security. Your email will be stored behind our firewalls and monitored by our Security Operations Center 24/7. Anti-spam and filtering rulesets can be used to protect against phishing and social engineering attacks.

Another important benefit of using our hosted exchange service is data sovereignty. Many businesses must keep their data in specific countries to comply with government regulations. Our hosted exchange allows you to keep your data in Oman to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Our Hosted Exchange bring your business lower costs, better performance, tighter security, and increased compliance.

Email Without Exchange Is Vulnerable and Out of Sync

There are roughly three different ways to manage email for businesses:

  • The simplest way is a POP3 server setup. This stores email on individual machines and connects to the internet for delivery. Most individual email accounts are set up this way.
  • Some companies use an on-premises mail server. This server stores all the email and devices sync to this server to keep up to date.
  • Many companies are turning to some form of cloud hosted exchange server. This functions similarly to an on-premise server, but the data is stored elsewhere.

All three have advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantages come for the first two options.

POP3 email systems are exceptionally good for their simplicity. Individual email accounts function very well with this setup. However, they do not sync easily between devices.

On-premises exchange servers are a big step up from individual accounts on individual devices. They have one major disadvantage: cost. The Total Cost of Ownership of an on-premises server is likely to be significantly higher than using a hosted exchange service.

Use a Hosted Exchange Service to Invest in Your Business and Not Your Email

Using an on-premise server costs your business more money than a hosted exchange.

Cost comparison is not as simple as comparing the cost of a hosted exchange subscription to the cost of buying your own server and licenses. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is more than just the initial purchase cost.

Software Advice published a very good TCO tool. You can use this to compare the true cost of the two approaches.

Our experience suggests a hosted exchange server is almost always more cost effective.

Another consideration is opportunity cost. Here is how one business described this way of thinking:

When a business pays a large upfront cost for a software solution, it no longer has that cash available to grow the business. There are simply fewer funds to devote to their core competency.  Consider this scenario: is there an opportunity cost to your business if you buy on-premise software for $250,000 plus 22% for maintenance for a total of $305,000 in the first year (and $55,000 each year thereafter) versus an annual cloud-based subscription cost of just $70,000 for SaaS for the same number of users?

The SaaS option saves you $235,000 in the first year. That money could be spent on engineers to build more products or salespeople to help grow revenue.

Instead of investing in your email, invest in your business.

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