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Colocation Services Save up to 35% of your Total Cost of Ownership by using our Colocation services to house your IT hardware.

Simplify Your Operations and Save Money with Us

Instead of spending money on seven or eight budget items, let us save you money. Replace all the above costs with a single line in your budget: Colocation Data Center.

Our colocation services save customers an average of up to 35% on the Total Cost of Ownership. This was the case with a large insurance company in Oman that was struggling with managing its infrastructure costs due to unpredictable growth. The business came to Oman Data Park for a solution. Our colocation services provided them with a flexible and scalable Colocation space along with Cloud resources on demand. Their total cost of ownership savings amounted to 35%.

We provide all the facilities and infrastructure needed to operate your hardware within our Tier 3 Data Centers. Our investment in infrastructure can pay big dividends for your company. Furthermore, we could also arrange office space on demand as a value added service.

Customer Case Studies

S. Sharma

Head of Information Security and Infrastructure

ODP is not a vendor to us, they are our best partner for best services & best level of support. Their solution is made with you in mind which means you can save costs in the long run.

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IT Management Can Complicate Your Business

Your servers run your business data and software. We know you cannot easily replace your servers or switch to some trendy cloud service. Your servers were designed for your business. Your industry compliance regulations may even require you to own your hardware.

Your servers also take up a lot of time and resources. Costly maintenance and downtime shift the focus away from your core business activities. Personnel costs are increased due to the need for more IT staff. Keeping on top of the ever-increasing regulatory paperwork is almost a full-time job by itself.

Unnecessary Expenditure Consumes Profits

The result of this shift away from core business activities and towards IT management is decreased profitability. Your business is simply spending money on unnecessary items.

Consider the components of your server system. The hardware requires updating and replacing every five to seven years. Power supplies must be purchased, paid for, and maintained constantly. Fire protection and cooling must both be provided. Technicians who can service your hardware must be hired or contracted. All these expenses, and more, come with running your own servers in your facilities.