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Odoo on ODP Cloud Reduce your expenses by 32% and increase your ERP software performance by hosting your Odoo apps on the ODP cloud.

Off-Site but On Point for Your Business

Odoo may be complex and resource-intensive, but we have the right facilities and the best team to deliver for you.

Instead of spending capital on costly servers to run your Odoo applications, let us set up an Odoo install for you. Oman Data Park’s servers are world-class and designed to carry the IT loads your business needs. We guarantee 99.985% uptime and can provide SLA to ensure you receive the performance you need from your Odoo software.

Our team is highly experienced at implementing Odoo solutions for businesses. We can help plan your migration, set up your service, and deliver on launch day. We’ll also provide continuous monitoring to proactively identify and address any faults before they become problems for your business.

Oman Data Park is the best choice to save money on your ERP Odoo software while achieving optimal performance for your Odoo apps.

ERP Software is Demanding and Complex

Odoo is brilliant software for businesses. The open source element has allowed thousands (20,000+) of apps to be developed. A huge number of businesses run some or all of their ERP software on an Odoo app.

At the same time, Odoo is resource-intensive and very complex. Hosting Odoo applications in-house instead of using cloud services could be costing your business. 451Research estimates businesses could save 32% on costs by bringing more services to some form of cloud provider.

Could your business save money by switching to a hosted service for your Odoo ERP apps?

Costs Are Determined by Assets and Performance

Odoo apps use a lot of processing power – especially when businesses have more than 10-20 users. Scaling up your servers to reach the best level of performance could be costly. Plus, purchasing your own hardware reduces your business agility. It locks you into the need for staff who can operate these servers.

Buying the right equipment and employing the correct people are two big asset costs of running Odoo in an on-premises setup. Achieving the best performance may be very costly for your business.

Why not reduce your costs and guarantee better performance?

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Azure Fabric

Build and operate always-on, scalable, distributed apps

  • Simplify microservices development and application lifecycle management
  • Reliably scale and orchestrate containers and microservices
  • Data-aware platform for low-latency, high-throughput workloads with stateful containers or microservices
  • Run anything – your choice of languages and programming models
  • Run anywhere – supports Windows/Linux in Azure, on-premises, or other clouds
  • Scales up to thousands of machines