What Are You Looking For?

IMDAD Logistics Platform Last-Mile delivery costs are 41% of the total supply chain cost. let Use IMDAD improve the margins of your delivery services.

Be the Best During the Last Mile

IMDAD Logistics is management software that can propel your business to be the best in your area for customer delivery experience. Powerful tools help you plan deliveries for greater efficiency. Real-time tracking enables more effective fleet management. Clear reporting reveals problems quickly so solutions can be implemented.

All these features combine to provide your business with an effective last-mile logistics solution. Save money, boost efficiency, and increase customer delivery satisfaction.

Together with Mile Solutions, we are targeting 11 specific industries for this service. The IMDAD logistics software is brilliant for bakeries, courier companies, e-commerce sites, FMCG businesses, fruit & veg sellers, grocery deliveries, laundries, pharmacies, restaurants, retail stores, and water delivery companies.

A specific use case for your industry is available below.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time fleet and delivery tracking
  • Order Origination from all channels
  • Automated journey planning
  • Route Optimization
  • Returns/Damaged products handling by drivers
  • Geo coordinate proof of delivery
  • Digital load out to reduce errors and delays
  • End-of-Day reporting for clear status updates
  • Multi-channel payment collection
  • Location mapping for drivers


  • Digital dispatch to streamline deliveries
  • Notifications for customers and drivers
  • Automated invoices and delivery notes
  • Real-time route optimization
  • Improved proof of delivery
  • Stock Management
  • Geo-Enabled CRM
  • Returns & reverse logistics through driver apps
  • Intuitive dashboard and analytics

Last-Mile Logistics is Driving Businesses

Technology has drastically altered the landscape of last-mile logistics. 46-58% of customers expect next-day delivery. Only 35% of customers believe four-day delivery is fast. The pressure to deliver rapidly has squeezed profit margins and increased management difficulties.

Increasing complexity creates mistakes and poor customer experiences. Dissatisfied customers are unwilling to pay more for delivery services. Delivery errors are harming your business.

Building your business can feel like a punishment when the demands of delivery grow quickly. Long hours of route planning, driver conferences, and asset tracking can drain your resources. Solving these problems are incredibly difficult without logistics management software.

Customer Delivery Experience Builds or Breaks Businesses