Risk Foresight

Enterprises undergoing a digital transformation and adopting a hybrid cloud strategy face the unique challenge of protecting an ever-increasing attack surface as well as maintaining compliance with industry and regulatory requirements. To protect their expanding attack surface, enterprises need continuous visibility into workloads and must maintain a "full-stack" understanding of their workload vulnerabilities and configuration issues at the infrastructure, platform, and application level in the context of the latest threats and compliance requirements.

We understand that enterprises need to maintain visibility, mitigate risks proactively and reduce their overall cost of achieving a secure and compliant operation. We therefore offer Managed or Self Service based FMaaS, CMaaS and RMaaS as SaaS based continuous visibility through a unified dashboard to eliminate blind spots by identifying their workloads and applications in the Cloud (Private, Public and hybrid) or OnPrem.

The service also provides a heat map analysis of your compliance and cyber risks, and determining if the infrastructure and workloads are meeting compliance requirements.

We enable enterprises to quickly determine the nature and location of risks and what actions to take using intuitive and powerful visualization tools.

Our FMaaS, CMaaS and RMaaS solutions enable and enterprise to quickly determine the nature and location of cyber threats, vulnerabilities, or non-compliant configurations with specific actions to eliminate risks.

Visibility Security Security implementation Compliance
Where are my workloads? Who spun-up what, when and where? Can I extend my security policies consistently across the hybrid and multi-cloud environment? How do I implement security on disparate security stacks per cloud vender? compliance Can I maintain the compliance posture for my applications against multiple regulations across the hybrid cloud deployment?
Risk visibility Risk mitigation Defending the workload Reporting
Can I see risks to my workloads from Cyber threats and their regulatory compliance requirements on a proactive basis? How can I address my Cyber and Compliance risks effectively and efficiently with limited resources? If a workload is under attack or infected, the responses time is critical. Can I protect the workload through automation? Can I haves a single-Pane-of-glass visibility for my workloads, their Cyber and Compliance risks across the hybrid and multi-cloud environment?

Risk Management as a Service (RMaaS)

  • Continuous cyber-risk
  • Cyber-risk scoring
  • Supports industry-leading vulnerability and configuration scanning tools
  • Global benchmarking standards
  • Cyber-risk reporting


Compliances Management as a Service (CMaaS)

  • Automated compliance monitoring
  • Compliance risk scoring dashboard
  • Automated IA controls assessment
  • Supports: PCI, FISMA, FEDRAMP, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, NERC CIP Reports Against SCAP, OVAL, XCCDF, and other global configuration benchmarking standards
  • Continuously updated and mapped IA controls and standards libraries


Forensic Management as a Service (FMaaS)

  • Log management
  • Log collection from multiple sources
  • Event detection, analytics, and visualization
  • Graphical visualization of results
  • Data aggregation from multiple sources
  • Event-based analytics
  • Full drill-down capability for events and log-based analysis
  • Alerts and notifications

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Self-Service: Self-manage own cyber risk and compliance of the enterprise workload on any infrastructure.

Premium Compliance Zones: Bring workloads into compliant zones such as PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, by showing compliance of enterprise infrastructure components.

Gain Full Visibility into your Workloads: Quickly identify the location of enterprise workloads and how to protect them with 24 x 7 monitoring

Ensure Compliance while minimsing Costs: Eliminate human errors and reduce compliance costs by minimising costly manual compliance checks with compliance automated automation.

Improve overall Compliance and Cyber Risk Posture: Determine the risk posture with predictive analytics and proactively mitigate vulnerability and configuration exposures to reduce the risk of costly breaches and non-compliance penalties.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Compliance Checks
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Semi and Fully automated enforcement
  • Granular Reports
  • Our government entity focused RMaaS, CMaaS and FMaaS are designed to support Central and  Local Government agency mission programs;
    • Continuous cyber risk & compliance monitoring, prediction, and active defense
    • Designed for multi-tenant support for secure tenant roles-based access controls, data concealment, and management
    • Packaged Compliance Management, Risk Management, and Forensics Management as a Service solution
  • Continuously Updated and Mapped Information Assurance (IA) Controls and standards Libraries
  • Integrated reports based on SCAP, OVAL, XCCDF, and other Global Configuration Benchmarking Standards.

Out of the box meeting to industry standards and government regulatory compliant requirements.

Our RMaaS, FMaaS, CMaaS works on three pillars; Detect, Predict and ACT, to protect an enterprise on any infrastructure or Cloud or OnPrem.