Start up bundle

Oman Data Park is pleased to offer Riyada /OTF members a custom built IT bundle that has been developed with your requirements in mind, to help you get started on your digital journey.

We understand that your time is precious and have therefore bundled the following key services that are important for you as a start up business.

Once you have selected your required service, please contact us with the following details to help you get started with the service activation process;

Company Name:
Contact Person:
Contact person’s contact number:
CR and Riyada /OTF Card Number:

Bundle details:

Cloud solutions

Service Features Subscription Price (OMR) Riyada/OTF
Price (OMR)
Domain Registration .OM domain New Yearly 30.000 18.000
.OM Domain Renewal Yearly 18.000 16.250
Web Hosting Windows Webhosting - Start up Monthly 1.000 1st Year FREE
Online Email
(50 GB Mailbox)
Office 365 Exchange Online Plan 1

Monthly 1.544 1.312
Online Email
(50 GB Mailbox)
Online Office Apps
Online Storage (1 TB)
Online SharePoint
Office 365 Business Essentials Monthly 1.930 1.641
ERP – Modules:
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • POS
Odoo ERP Services Monthly 18.000 6.000
Free Support Tickets Yearly 20 Tickets

Hosted Services (IaaS)

Riyadaa/OTF customer special offer
Service Descriptions Price During the first 6 months During the next 18 months During the third year
2 x VM (2 Cores, 7 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD) - Windows (app) and Windows (DB) Ro 4586.400 100% discount on the monthly fee 50% discount on the monthly fee(Ro 63.700 per month) 20% discount on the monthly fee(Ro 101.900 per month)
6 Mbps Connectivity
Shared Network & Firewall Servces
1 x Public IP
Total payable for 3 years Ro 2369.400


  • The specifications mentioned are standard for hosting most programs, in the event that additional specifications are required the same reduction rates as applied above will be applied
  • In the event that the beneficiary decides to terminate the contract before the specified 3 year period, an early termination fee of 10% of the total remaining amount will be applied

Cyber Security Services

Service Descriptions Price (OMR) Riyada/OTF member price (OMR)
Internal VA 20 12
External VA 30 15
App Scan 35 14
Standard SSL 3 1.67
Anti-Virus 1 0.5
WAF 35 15