Oman Data Park introduces Nebula – Oman’s first Self Service Virtual Data Centre

Muscat, May 20th 2019:

Oman Data Park (ODP), Sultanate’s first managed Services and Cloud Services provider, introduced Oman’s first Virtual Data Centre (VDC) – Nebula – during their annual Iftar gathering hosted recently under the partonage of chief guest, Dr. Salim bin Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO - Information Technology Authority.

Nebula is ODP’s latest product name for a new paradigm of cloud-based services also known as a Virtual Data Centre as a Service (VDCaaS).

It permits full spectrum of data centre facilities from; computing, storage, networking to network security services as “on-demand”; where ODP provides their data centre infrastructure and facilities for rent or lease removing the need for any OPEX costs from the customer. Hosted locally, Nebula also comes with its own state of the art security services operated over Tier III data centres that ODP is known for. Supported by a highly qualified and professionally certified team of experts, this new service is a testament to ODP’s continued efforts aimed at helping and guiding customers towards their agile and digital transformation in perpetration towards the fourth industrial revolution and Gig economy. 

Having started with Colocation services in 2012 and moving to various offerings under Managed infrastructure (IaaS) and most recently the introduction of Professional services (PSaaS), ODP has grown to be the market leader in Oman by giving our customers flexible choices by eliminating CAPEX and offering attractive OPEX based solutions. We are constantly focused on being the cloud partner of choice for our customer’s digital enablement journey. We are pleased to continue our growth trajectory by introducing Oman’s first Virtual Data Centre – Nebula.

Nebula allows total self-care to the customer so that they have full operational visibility and control over the infrastructure, network security as well as scalability and automation. Furthermore, all of these benefits are enabled with real time metering so that the customer is aware of their own VDC (computing, storage, networking and Security) usage. Nebula even offers a choice of pricing models making it ideal for any business entity along with ODP’s long standing 24×7 Managed Services.

-Mr. Maqbool Al Wahibi, CEO of ODP

Offered as Allocation, Pay-As-You-Go or Reservation based subscriptions, Nebula is ideal for various workloads such as critical production, backup and disaster recovery or purely for test and development. Whatever the need may be, this new ODP service is at par with international VDCs but with one clear unique selling point being that Nebula is offered locally and therefore satisfying all local government regulations surrounding customer data accompanied with strong ICT skill sets available domestically.

“Nebula is designed with industry leading security and it will allow enterprises to meet ongoing infrastructure requirements along with their compliance and security requirements. We will also be offering self-service based continuous risk management, forensics and compliance as a service,”

Mr.Maitham Al Lawati

General Manager, Cyber Security Centre.

“Nebula will enable customers to control their own CPU, memory and storage levels as well and adding load balancers, micro balancers switches and routers etc, to the customer’s network. This enables the customer to be at a unique position to be agile and respond to their market needs without having the burden of CAPEX,”

Mr. Hassan Ali

General Manager, Service Delivery & PMO at ODP

The introduction of Nebula today paves the way for companies to apply proof of concept activities and agree on a migration plan before signing up. Oman Data Park already supports over 500 local and international entities, offering a full eco-system of Cloud solutions covering all types of businesses from Government, Oil & Gas and Banking, to name a few. Based on convenient OPEX based models, these solutions are available in economical pay-as-you-go models that facilitate Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), DataCentre-as-a-Service (DCaaS), Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Professional Services-as-a-Service (PSaaS) as well as Application-as-a-Service (AaaS).

More details about Oman Data Park’s extensive product portfolio can be found via their website at