Security Awareness
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ISO27001 for Information Security Management System
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Managed Security Awareness

Oman Data Park security awareness program is a comprehensive security-training suite that follows an Awareness as a Service” (AWaaS) model. It has content capsules on the most relevant "business as usual" security awareness topics that have been developed using rich content, are scalable & measure the effectiveness of the training, and ensure higher levels of understanding and therefore increase the effectiveness of security awareness programs.

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The DMARC process involves

Reduce your risk now, by changing your employees’ security behavior. Oman Data Park’s managed security awareness program will ensure that your employees are less of an easy target.

Constantly updated Security Training content developed to offer effective, relevant capsules of content for the user on a cross-device compatible portal. The induction program covers the following topics:

• Internet Security Module:
Highlights best practices while surfing the internet.

• Email Security Module:
Highlights best practices & measures used to secure the access, content of an individual email account.

• Password Policy Module:
Highlights the importance of setting secure & complex passwords to comply with international standards recommendations & enhance the security of informational resources.

• Confidential Data Module:
Highlights the possible types of confidential & sensitive information, how to secure it & how to manage it.

• Mobile Security Module:
Highlights possible risks & best practices associated with the usage of mobile devices.

• Incident Management Module:
Highlights steps to be taken in case of an incident, the importance & benefits of reporting suspicious activities on reducing possible risks.

• Physical Security Module:
Highlights the importance of compliance with physical security controls in effect.

• Social Engineering Module:
Highlights the best practices for Individual protection methods from being psychologically manipulation & exposure.

A powerful Assessment module, where the user can be tested on their understanding of the training modules in the induction program.

Short interactive & effective awareness videos are circulated on a monthly basis with up-to-date topics to ensure knowledge of the latest threats worldwide.

Testing knowledge in practice via managed and planned phishing attacks to measure awareness.

Every aspect of the training service is coupled with effective progress reports where you may keep track of the end user’s performance throughout the training.