Odoo on ODP cloud

Oman Data Park offers the open source model based Odoo ERP solutions on the ODP cloud. Offered as a dedicated hosted server or as a SaaS (multi-tenant) solution, it comes complete with self-service and partner managed options supported by SLAs to enable a one stop shop for your business IT needs.

Customers can avail the following Odoo ERP services on our cloud;

Communication Apps
Discuss eSignature
Finance Apps
Accounting Invoicing Expenses
Human Resource Apps
Recruitment Employees Fleet Leaves
Manufacturing Apps
MRP PLM Equipment Quality
Marketing Apps
Marketing Automation Mass Mailing Events Survey
Operations Apps
Inventory Timesheets Projects Purchase
Helpdesk Documents
Sales App
CRM Point of Sale Sales Subscriptions
Website Apps
Web builder eCommerce Blogs Forum
Slides Live chat Appointments

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Odoo Value Propositions

The open source model of Odoo has allowed thousands of developers and business experts to build hundreds of apps in just a few years.

With strong technical foundations, Odoo's framework is unique. It provides top notch usability that scales across all apps offering the business scope you need while keeping user friendliness.

Usability improvements made on Odoo will automatically apply to all fully integrated apps.

• Cost Effective

The prime benefit of hosting Odoo on cloud or SaaS is optimized cost. While opting for Odoo as SaaS, the costs of server and maintenance along with the any hardware are absent as all of these responsibilities are to be taken care by Oman Data Park.

• Data Protection

With Managed and unmanaged ERP on cloud hosting, the data security is increased as the server is hosted with us. It, thus, becomes the responsibility of Oman Data Park to maintain the server and take regular backups to ensure that all the client data is fully protected.

• Ease of Use

When Odoo is hosted on ODP cloud or used as a SaaS, there is a greater ease of use for the client. This is so because in each of these cases, the need to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is excluded. Thus you don’t need to configure your device each time you have to access Odoo from a new device. Besides, in cases of emergency, you can log in to your Odoo account from anywhere and from any device.

• No Hardware Management

When you use Odoo on ODP cloud or as SaaS, any need of managing extra hardware for using Odoo is eliminated. The responsibility is on us to ensure seamless working of the software. Besides, any regular updates and maintenance that may be required by the software and related hardware is also to be taken care of by us.

• Easier Scalability and Integration

As Odoo make use of Oman Data Park’s cloud, the integration and eventual scaling of the ERP software becomes much easier, cost efficient and requires least effort from the customers. We play a bigger role in performing all these tasks.

• Quicker ROI

When you are using the SaaS model or having your Odoo hosted on ODP cloud, you benefit from it by reducing your costs. Hence the return you expected from this integration is visibly faster, giving you the real benefit of an ERP integration.

• Fully Managed Odoo

Just like all the services we provide, your Odoo cloud container or cloud server will be fully managed by ODP and your allocated local Odoo partner. All of our staff are very experienced working with Odoo and use it every day so you can rest easy knowing we will take care of your Odoo server while you can focus on your core business.

• Support

On top of just fully managing your important Odoo server and application suite, we also proactively monitor your service. If your Odoo port or website goes down, we will instantly open a ticket on your behalf and start investigating the issue. All without any intervention on your part!

• High-End x86 Servers

The performance and update of your Odoo is extremely important which is why we use only the best x86 hardware in both cloud Servers and container environments.

• Odoo Optimized Servers

One of the benefits of using our services is that our container or cloud Server comes pre-configured with our CentOS or Ubuntu Stack that contains everything necessary to run Odoo. They are also optimized and secured specifically for Odoo and enabled with multi-threading tasks, database and webserver optimization and much more. It's also important to keep your Odoo secured which is why your server will come with the necessary ports opened, software firewalls installed, advanced password authentication and unnecessary services disabled; being just a few of the things done to keep your Odoo secured and running fast.

• Daily Backups

All Odoo Cloud servers and Containers are backed up based on ODP default backup policy and if you need a customized backup policy, that is also possible. Backups can often be the most important part of your business when data loss or issues strike. With these backups your Odoo will be safe with one less thing to worry about.

• Uptime Guarantee

We provide an uptime guarantee of cloud server and containers by 99.9%, aimed at ensuring that you will never face an issue. With the redundant hardware of our network and VPS nodes, it’s very rare to be susceptible to any downtime.

• Ultimate Flexibility

There are not many hosting providers out there that offer managed services for Odoo solutions. There are even less, if any, that support the wide range of operating systems. We however support any Odoo app which runs on CentOS, Ubuntu and even Windows Server. While Odoo recommends Ubuntu, we are more than willing to support the setup of your choice.

• We Are Odoo Experts

Our technical teams are very experienced on working with Odoo as well as providing hosting services for Odoo. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing we will take care of your Odoo server while you can focus on your site and business. We support any Odoo version from v8 all the way to the latest version.

• Free Migration Assistance

If you already have your Odoo hosted somewhere else, We make it easy to move it to us by handling the migration completely for you from the planning phase to the final tweaks and changes. As long as you have root access to your current Odoo server, we can easily help you migrate it to the ODP cloud. Our experts can also assist you to migrate from any existing ERP solution to Odoo.