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Cyber Security Drill Test

Cyber Security Drill Test delivers an automated security solution that will continuously challenge and validate your organisation's security assumptions, practices and investments. In a matter of minutes, Cyber Security Drill Test's platform challenges how your organisation would fare against real scenarios.

Powered by an active Cyber Security Drill Test community, it quickly and continuously identifies readiness, resiliency and weaknesses and validates that your organisation's security systems are performing as originally intended.

Why should you test your cyber security environment?

Organisations need to ensure that their controls are effective against the latest attack methods utilised by their adversaries.
As an expert in the industry, we at ODP understand those attack methods and we provide the right solutions to you to protect against them

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How does the service work?

Using our cloud infrastructure, the Cyber Security Drill Test platform will instantly deploy lightweight agents and scenarios to challenge your organisation's critical security postures and mimic malicious and suspicious activities, including threats like ransomware or national attacks. This provides continuous, automated assurance that deployed solutions are protecting as intended. Whenever risks are identified in the enterprise, our Cyber Security Drill Test will offer best practice mitigation recommendations.

  • Scenario repository
    • Attack scenarios - Stages
      • Persistence
      • Privilege Escalation
      • Lateral Movement
      • Access to Data Stores
      • Command and Control
      • Data Exfiltration
    • Attack scenarios - Threat actors
      • National Actors
      • Insider Threats
      • Cyber Criminals
    • Validation scenarios – Technology Testing
      • Access/Routing/Availability
      • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
      • Content/Web Filtering
      • Firewall
      • Network and Host IPS/IDS
      • AntiVirus (AV)
      • SIEM
      • SSL Certificates
  • Executive reporting
  • Lightweight agents
  • Critical security metrics
  • Intuitive management
  • Active user community
  • Knowledge base of scenarios and mitigations
  • Project templates with smart defaults
  • Attack scenario testing for end- to-end security process workflows
  • Validation scenarios to verify point-product effectiveness and ROI
  • Compare current security posture against historical baselines
  • Continuous automated testing as your network changes and evolves
  • Integrations in to major SIEM technologies and log management tools to measure detection and prevention effectiveness
  • Measure and validate detection and prevention capabilities
  • Provide a methodology for selection of security technologies
  • Quantify and reduce business risk
  • Immediate evaluation of security readiness
  • Maximize the effectiveness of security infrastructure
  • Prioritize resource allocation
  • Identify security gaps and blind spots
  • Improve the maturity of your security program
  • Create a data driven security lifecycle



Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Service offered under Fully managed or Unmanaged service options to suit your needs
  • Existing customers can contact your designated Account Manager for more details and service activation
  • New customers, please call 24171111 or email us