Active Directory (AD) Audit Service
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ISO27001 for Information Security Management System
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Active Directory (AD) Audit Service

Get in real-time assurance that critical resources in the network like the Domain Controllers are audited, monitored & reported with the entire information on Active Directory (AD) objects - Users, Groups, GPO, Computer, OU, DNS, AD Schema & Configuration changes.

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Key Features

• Active directory audit and compliance.
• Track users and administrators logon actions.
• Schedule active directory change reports.
• Reports based on archived data.
• AD before and after attribute changes.
• Audit user management actions.
• Active directory audit reports.
• Active directory alerts and emails.
• Advanced group policy settings audit.

• Detection of Insider Attacks in Windows Environment:
Insider attacks earn their notoriety because they are extremely difficult to detect, when the attacker is a trusted and privileged user & specifically an IT employee with privileged access to the systems such as Active Directory.

• Real-Time Monitoring of User Log-on Actions:
Users logging on into their domain computers is a day-to-day activity that occurs in any enterprise, a simple Active Directory event. These are valuable data for diverse audit, compliance and operational needs.

• Real-Time IT Compliance Auditing:
Compliant automated information monitoring systems ensure effective information security control, continuous and thorough monitoring, as well as audit reports with utmost confidentiality, integrity, and accuracy. This security software tracks user actions and data access / modifications required to meet various compliances, such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, and GLBA.

• Real-Time Active Directory alerts and email notifications:
Real-time reporting and initiation of action is more significant in a Windows Active Directory environment where the damage due to a delay could cost an organization in millions. Our alert system, identifies any threat present in the Active Directory network intuitively, and directs the attention of an administrator towards the identified threats.

• AD Audit Reports from Archived data:
With the growth of your business, stricter compliance practices are enforced upon you by regulatory bodies, archiving and the ability to track by regenerating archived data becomes obligatory.

• Real-Time Group Policy Settings Change Auditing:
In today's regulatory compliance practice, auditing the IT security settings is obligatory. It is required to audit and report in real-time on the mission critical Group Policy Objects (GPO), which majorly defines the system functioning for a defined group of users. A single settings error can be catastrophic and have a landslide effect on the unauthorized access or usage and in the compromise of IT security. Our service will help you avoid the GPOs monitoring complexities with real-time pre-configured reports and auditing of the changes along with alerts within a Domain and Organizational Unit (OU).


• AD Logon Activity Monitoring.
• AD User, Group, Computer, OU, GPO Change Auditing.
• Administrator/HelpDesk Technician Activity Auditing.
• Schedule, E-mail Pre-configured Reports.
• Threshold based e-mail Alerts.
• Compliance specific reports.
• Account Lockout Reports | Analyzer.
• Group Policy Object settings audit.
• Track all attribute changes of User/Computer/Groups/OU.
• Active Directory Permission change audit.
• DNS Server Auditing.
• Schema, Contacts & Configuration Auditing.