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Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack is an extension of Azure. It gives the same experience as a fully public cloud such as pure Microsoft Azure. Azure stack from Oman Data park brings the agility and innovation of cloud computing to address primarily the concerns around data security and sovereignty by hosting at our Tier III facilities. This enables our customers to build modern applications across a locally hosted version of Azure or hybrid cloud environment with the right flexibility and control.

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• Data Sovereignty – Guaranteed location and condition of your sensitive data.

Data residency and sovereignty were major concerns that prevented many organisations in Oman from taking advantage of Azure services. By placing your sensitive data and applications within ODP operated Azure Stacks, you can ensure adherence to local and industry-specific data privacy regulations, without compromising on access to Azure functionality. You can even build hybrid applications that span the Azure Stack and Azure cloud, while maintaining data sovereignty.

• Data Security - Protect your sensitive data with innovative security technology and frameworks.

ODP’s Azure Stack’s security is based on two core Microsoft security principles:
1. Assume Breach – rather than simply providing tools that prevent a breach, Azure Stack also includes measures that detect and contain any intrusions, preventing a compromise of a single area that could jeopardize the entire system.
2. Hardened by Default – Azure Stack is built on a secure-by-design framework. Its design follows industry best practices such as Microsoft SDL; includes encryption at-rest and in- transit; and a military-level OS security baseline.

• Application Development - Combine access to the most advanced development.

The consistency between Azure and Azure Stack platforms allows developers to build and deploy apps in either environment.

The tools, application model, self-service portal, DevOps services, extensions and APIs are all identical across the two platforms. This allows developers to either build in Azure Stack first and then roll out globally, or take advantage of Azure’s scale and advanced toolkits for testing and development and then deploy locally if preferred.

This makes application design and delivery faster, more efficient and more reliable, and allows more innovative and adventurous applications to be designed.

• EDGE and Disconnected Solutions -  Enjoy the benefits of the cloud even where connectivity is limited.

Cloud technology has proven its worth time and again and powered remarkable progress for countless businesses, but it relies on the business being connected.

Where connectivity is constrained due to location, or where the bandwidth requirement for the business is especially high, use of Azure can be cost prohibitive or even impossible. However, by incorporating Azure Stack, the business can process large volumes of data locally with high-performance toolkits, and then aggregate

in Azure for further analytics when more convenient, sharing common application logic across both.

ODP Azure Stack Service offerings: