99.9825 % guaranteed uptime
24×7 monitoring and support
Business Continuity Center
High security
Tier 3 certified "TIA 942 rating"


Data is at the heart of the digital business world. It’s no longer about the data you have access to, but how your business exploits data for better and faster decision making and competitive advantage. Oman Data Park invests heavily in the maintenance and optimization of its state of the art facilities which puts us on a position to effectively manage and respond to evolving customer needs.

The first of its kind within the region, ODP facilities are composed of 3 Tier 3 Datacenters distributed across the sultanate in WATAYA; KOM & DUQM, with round the clock monitoring and security. Our White space is comprised of high density server racks connected to a main distribution area via a fully redundant network, and infrastructure with enhanced protection by integrating IT systems, physical security & real time infrastructure management. Our Networks & Security Operation Centers involves a highly skilled Data Centre operation team to manage, maintain and operate all aspects of the Data Centre 24/7.

• 12000 Sq. ft. Data Centre
• 192 Rack Tier III compliant facility
• 1600 kw UPS power
• 2664 kw of precision cooling with unique chimney based racks
• 4200 kw of generator power with capacity to run 72 hrs. at full load

• Primary cooling via Tabreed district cooling scalable up to twice the design capacity.
• Back-up cooling provided by dual chillers exclusive to our Data Centre
• N+N redundant down-flow cooling provided by state of the art air handling units
• The complete cooling facility is monitored in real time using Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

• MEDC dual feed with standby transformer exclusive to our Data Centre
• N+N arrangement on UPS to sockets feeding racks
• N+1 arrangement Generator backing up whole factory designed over 72 hrs mains failure.
• Power feed to racks via Dual Busbar with options of single phase 16 amps up to 3 phase 63 amps.

• 27x7 guarded facility
• Multiple checkpoints before access to all critical areas
• Biometric access control for white space
• Entire facility is covered by NOVAC fire suppression system
• 24x7 live feed of the entire facility monitored and managed at the NOC

• Industry standard cabinet height units at 42U. 600mm width and 1000mm depth or 42U. 800mm width and 1000mm depth.
• Environmental monitoring system in each rack.
• Chimney based racks provide hot air containment leading to increased efficiency.

• Structured cabling aligned to industry standard EIA/ TOA-942.
• Intelligent patch panels.
• Cabinets will have dual two-tier overhead cable trays to maintain the cable route separation, and dual vertical cable trays inside the cabinet.

• 24x7x365 Network Operation Centre monitoring
  o DCIM
  o Water leakage system
  o Live CCTV feed
• Multitenant Helpdesk tool
• 24x7x365 Security Operation Centre monitoring