ODP launches its new business identity for their cyber security centre

MUSCAT, November 2020

Oman Data Park (ODP) launched ‘Cyber Security Park’ ‎as the new business identity of the company’s cybersecurity centre. Through this unique identity and dedicated resources for cybersecurity, ODP embarks on solidifying its status as the leader in cybersecurity services in Oman as they continue to provide pioneering ‎and effective smart security solutions to ‎reduce cyber-attacks. Supported by a choice of Preventive, Detective and Threat intelligent cybersecurity services to shield its customers, Cyber Security Park is equipped and is ‎capable of preventing more than 8000 cyber-attacks faced by various institutions in the ‎Sultanate of Oman on a daily basis.

The launching ceremony was under the patronage of  His Excellency Dr Ali bin Amer bin Ali Al-Shidhani, Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology, at the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology.

 The new identity of the centre boasts of a shield-shaped logo that embodies the five principles of cybersecurity (Availability, Confidentiality, Integrity, Accountability and Assurance) that the new identity will pursue in all their operations.

Speaking on the occasion, Eng. Maqbool Al-‎Wahaibi, Chief Executive Officer of ODP, said: “The objective behind the new business ‎identity of the cybersecurity centre is to ‎strengthen its role in supporting the efforts ‎of the government and the private sector for ‎digital transformation. The centre will ‎provide leading and effective smart security ‎solutions on which institutions can rely on to ‎reduce cyber-attacks”.‎

“This enhanced focus on a dedicated brand will open ‎employment opportunities for technical support ‎professionals among internationally ‎qualified Omanis with a high level of skills and‎capabilities. It will also lead to ‎more awareness among institutions regarding the ‎importance of data storage within the Sultanate ‎and understand the risks involved in storing them outside the ‎country. This is in addition to the fact that ‎this step would enhance the capabilities of the ‎centre to attract new technologies using ‎artificial intelligence in the area of security ‎solutions”, Al-Wahaibi added. ‎

Maitham Al-Lawati, Vice President – Technology & Operations, said “The change of the business ‎identity to Cyber Security Park ‎is the culmination of success ‎achieved in cybersecurity since its establishment in February ‎‎2012. Our cybersecurity solutions have become the much sought after services to combat cybercrime for leading customer-centric organizations in Oman that seek to protect their own as well as their customer data. Within a very short span of time, our services have grown up to become one ‎of the few specialized cybersecurity centres in the Sultanate that provide services round the clock ‎seven days a week”.‎

“Our cybersecurity services have helped ODP ‎strengthen its position as a pioneer in ‎cloud computing in the Sultanate. We are the only such institution in ‎the country to have obtained PCI DSS ‎certification. We have also received ISO27001: 2013 ‎ISO20000-1 certifications and I am also proud to say that we have been accredited by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology” he said.‎

Al-Lawati further said that “under the umbrella ‎of ODP, the cyber security ‎services journey has been full of achievements and ‎accomplishments. In view of the increasing ‎number of customers seeking the ‎services of the company, it has become inevitable ‎for the company to focus more on cybersecurity to serve ‎its growing number of customers. The new brand identity is to highlight the efforts of the company to harness the full potential ‎of cybersecurity services to reinforce its ‎pioneering position in the Sultanate”.‎

Commenting on the logo of the newly launched entity, Al-Lawati said, “While we stay closely linked to ‎the parent organization ODP in ‎terms of colours, our new identity is distinguished ‎by its own unique character. We want to shield businesses from cybercrime through Preventive services to keep businesses safe from various cyber crimes that are already known; Detective services that probe into various vulnerabilities of the many technologies that are applied at both front-end and back-end of a business infrastructure; and Threat Intelligence services that track various cyber threats across the globe so that we can prevent them from harming our customers. Our unique logo embodies the five principles of ‎cybersecurity where we enable the availability of security services you need while keeping the confidentiality of your data, and preserving the integrity of your business with accountability for every step we take, and the assurance to prepare your business for the future”.

ODP’s cybersecurity services have been ‎operational since 2012. It makes it one of the ‎most experienced cybersecurity teams in the ‎Sultanate of Oman. It has also commissioned a highly ‎qualified and specialized cybersecurity team in ‎‎2019.  Full details of all the managed services offered by Cyber Security Park can be found on their website www.cybersecuritypark.om